Excella TipOne® Bundles - More Savings, More Value

For a limited period, we are offering various types of Excella TipOne® bundles that offer more savings than buying each item individually. From TipOne® Bundles that include pipettes to get you started in your lab experiments to TipOne® bundles that sustain your productive output, our bundles are designed to provide value and worry-free pipetting while you concentrate on the science.

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  • Our essential products provide value for ambitious scientists’ everyday lab life easier and enable them to excel by using the right tools.

  • We are passionate about science ourselves and understand the challenges that scientists face in their everyday lab life.

  • Our commitment to strict production standards, sourcing and quality is to bring you confidence and trust in our brand.

  • TipOne® pipette tips fit the role

    When tip fitting is the least of your problems because there are more important things to analyse and to observe.

  • Your time is precious

    The focus is on your samples, not the pipette tips.

    Our range of tips 
  • EXCELLA TipOne® filter tip

    Don’t let your guard down

    Filter out the unnecessary to spearhead your discovery without distraction.

    TipOne® Filter