Quality products with great value

At Excella, we believe that science is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities.

That’s why we offer quality products with great value, enabling curious minds to explore, discover and break new boundaries without worrying about the quality of their tools or pricing.

Our essential value-for-money products make ambitious scientists’ everyday lab life easier and enable them to excel by using the right tools.

Machine producing EXCELLA filter tips

Made in the USA

Our products are made in the USA and are never variables to our customers’ journey to discovery.

We design every facet of our business with intention. Because of our commitment to strict production standards, sourcing and quality, we are the trusted brand in the lab.

Passion for science

We understand the challenges that scientists face in their everyday lab life because we are passionate about science ourselves.

Science has a legacy of life-changing innovations and scientists are visionaries that break new boundaries, discover and explore.

We want to empower scientists to excel to their full potential by providing essential tools with great value.

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